Noisy Miner vs Indian Myna – Who would win the fight?

The Noisy Miner and the Indian Myna are two fierce bird species here in Australia that are known for being aggressive. In this article, we’re going to put them into the ring to face off against each other and find out who would win. Welcome to the Noisy Miner vs Indian Myna title fight.

The Noisy Miner is an Australian bird whereas the Indian Myna or Common Myna was introduced from Asia in 1862. Both birds are around the same size but differ greatly in colour. Noisy Miners are mostly grey while Indian Mynas are dark brown to black. Both have a yellow patch of skin behind the eye.

Alright, let’s put them in the ring and see who comes out the victor. This is going to be a good stoush so do not look away from the screen. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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The Noisy Miner

In the true-blue corner, we have the tough little local from Oz, the Noisy Miner. This bird is a feisty competitor and not willing to take any crap from any bird. Let’s take a look at its stats:

Noisy Miner
Size:24-28 cm
Weight:40-91 g
Wingspan:130-137 mm
Appearance:Mostly grey with a broad
black band above the eye.
narrow strip of olive green
on the wing feathers. Fine
white scaling on the nape
and hindneck. Dusky and
white scalloping on the
throat and upper chest. A
bare patch of yellow skin
behind each eye. The bill is
orange-yellow to yellow.
Belly light grey.
Disposition:Bold, curious, very aggressive
and territorial; will forcefully
defend its territory against
pretty much anything,
including Cormorants and
Agility:Mostly sedentary but will
move fast to defend its
Arsenal:Three forward-facing claws,
the mid-toe and claw around
22.8 mm. One backward-facing
toe to help with a strong grip.
Strong, sharp bill around
17.2 mm.
Noisy. High-pitched screech
when attacking.

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Noisy Miner – image by Barry Callister Photography

If aggression fails, this bird has another trick up its sleeve. The high-pitched screech it emits can send any aggressor packing:

Recorded by Marc Anderson in Bimbi, New South Wales. From

There is no doubt in my mind that this local bird will put up a good fight today. It is no stranger to taking on birds much bigger than itself in its home territory. However, it does like to fight as part of a flock so it will interesting to see how it goes solo.

The competitor today is no easy opponent. Let’s take a look at the stats for the Indian Myna.

The Indian Myna (Common Myna)

This bird quickly became right at home in Australia after being introduced way back in 1862 to control insects in market gardens in Melbourne. They are now found all along the east and southeast coasts of Australia.

Indian Myna (Common Myna)
Size:23-26 cm
Weight:82-143 g
Wingspan:128-138 mm
Appearance:Three forward-facing toes with
claws. The middle toe is around
30.4 mm long. One back-facing
toe for a strong grip. Bill
25-30 mm.
Disposition:Aggressive and a little
savage. Breeding pairs will
defend the territory around
their nest. Known to kill
other bird species and small
mammals to compete for tree
hollows to nest in.
Agility:Very nimble. Will hop sideways
when foraging or on branches.
Flight is strong and direct.
Arsenal:Three forward-facing toes with
claws. Middle toe is around
30.4 mm long. One back-facing
toe for a strong grip. Bill
25-30 mm.
Vocal Agility:Very vocal though more
melodic than the Noisy Miner.

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Though the common myna can get fairly loud when provoked, I hope it doesn’t use its vocal abilities in this fight. I don’t think it could match up to the noisy miner’s screech.

Recorded by Toby Esplin in East Rand (near Benoni), East Rand, Gauteng. From
Indian Myna – image by onlyfabrizio from

As I mentioned, the common or Indian myna is no easy opponent; fiercely aggressive, quick on its feet, and as you can see in the image above, it has a deadly sidekick!

This is facing up to be a top bout. Let’s compare the two contenders side-by-side and see if we can’t come up with a favourite here.

Noisy Miner Vs Indian Myna Head-to-head

Size24-28 cm23-26 cm
Weight40-91 g82-143 g
Wingspan130-137 mm128-138 mm
Bill length17.2 mm25-30 mm
Middle toe
and claw
22.8 mm30.4 mm
Agility (1-10)89

Even though both of these birds are around the same size, the Indian Myna comes out in front in many of the stats. It’s almost double the weight, has a slightly bigger wingspan, a longer bill, and its middle toe and claw are so much longer. The foreign challenger also rates higher for aggression and agility.

So if we did put these two in the ring…which would be victorious?

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The Champion Is…

In my opinion, the winner by knockout is the Indian Myna.

Indian Myna (Common Myna) – image by Michael Stubblefield from Getty Images

This bird is just too aggressive for the noisy miner who, though also aggressive in its own right, is more of a from-a-distance aggressor. While it will defend itself energetically, it does this more for annoyance and won’t go in for the kill like the Indian myna will.

The Indian myna also has more in its arsenal with that longer beak and longer middle toe and claw. It can even use this arsenal to hold down a Crow as you can see in this video on YouTube.

I predict the Indian myna would win by a total k.o. in the first round. The local bird would put up a decent defense but I’m afraid it would prove not enough.


Barry Callister

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