About Us

Birdwatch World is your place to immerse yourself in everything Bird Watching and Bird Photography. 

Feed your love of birds here on these digital pages with tips for bird watching, recommendations for birding gear, insider tips for great birding spots, bird species and behavioural information…it’s all here.

Birdwatch World is the brainchild of Barry Callister, an Australian Nature Photographer and bird watcher.

Barry has a love of birds bordering on obsession and has followed that obsession to a life of bird watching and bird photography.

He has taken his hunger for bird information and gathered it here at Birdwatch World. 

Here at Birdwatch World, we aim to provide you with the best information you can find.  We do the research so that you don’t have to.

Entertainment is another of our goals, we want you to enjoy your time here and get a buzz out of reading our content. 

We love adventure here at Birdwatch World too. There is nothing like getting out into nature, breathing some fresh air and finding new bird species. I hope we can spark your passion for adventure too.

We want you to return to our website again and again because you find valuable, helpful and fun content that answers your questions and solves any problems you may be having in regards to your birding or bird photography.